Ricotta, Goat Cheese & Honey Spread – Jamie Schler

Jamie Schler's Ricotta, Goat Cheese & Honey Spread photograph by Ilva Beretta

Jamie Schler’s Ricotta, Goat Cheese & Honey Spread
photograph by Ilva Beretta

150 g fresh ricotta cheese, drained if needed
50 grams fresh goat cheese, drained if needed
2 tsps runny honey

½ tsp olive oil
1 Tbs finely chopped fresh mint

Using a fork or a spoon, whip together all of the ingredients until well blended, light and creamy. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Prepare the spread and then add more or less of each ingredient to taste if desired.

Spread on slices of baguette (my preference), your favorite country loaf or even pound cake, muffins or scone and top with slices of fresh or cooked fruit or jam.

Try replacing the chopped mint with minced fresh chives, drizzling a bit more olive oil and a tiny grinding of pepper atop the spread before serving. The addition of crumbled gorgonzola will be wonderful topped with slices juicy, sweet autumn pears. Play with it as you like.

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Du Toitskloof Chardonnay 2013

Du Toitskloof Chardonnay 2013

Jamie Schler

Jamie Schler

Jamie says:
Although I have always been passionate about and fascinated by language in the written form, books constant companions, I never felt that I had either the power or the talent to write. My blog Life’s a Feast started as a way to record recipes and talk about food. I quickly fell in love with writing. I finally understood that writing is like any other craft: it must be learned, skills mastered, developed and honed, creativity focused, deepened and released. I gradually transformed my writing into a successful professional career, specializing in food and culture, travel and heritage, always focusing on the people, the traditions and the stories hidden behind.

I have been published in print in The Art of Eating, France Magazine, The Foodie Bugle and Foodista’s The Best of the Food Blogs Cookbook and online at Leite’s Culinaria, Modern Farmer, American Food Roots, deliberateLIFE, French News Online, TED Weekends, Joan Nathan’s Notebooks & Recipes, The Rambling Epicure and Daring Kitchen. I have been a regular contributor to Huffington Post Food since its inception.

I have been featured in ELLE France, Blogging for Creatives, Living France magazine, on RDV des Arts Culinaires, CRUSH on-line among others.

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Ilva Beretta

Ilva Beretta

Ilva says
I work primarily as a food photographer but I can’t resist a challenge; I have photographed cars, interior design elements (bed linens, bathroom and kitchen accessories, toys, etc) and portraits. My clients include Ferrari, Rio Mare, Esselunga (one of Italy’s biggest food chains), Pernod Ricard (Havana Club) and Domaine Wines. I have styled and shot for magazines Sale&Pepe (Italy), Alice Cucina (Italy), Mat & Vänner (Sweden), Four Season’s Magazine (USA),The Art of Eating (USA), American Food Roots (USA), and editors Q-A International (Canada), Conde Nast (UK and Italy).  I have been featured in the Italian art magazine Bang Art!, Italian food and design magazine DDN Cucine International, Culinate, Photographie (Germany, forthcoming) and The Foodie Bugle.  I am a contributing writer at Photography Tricks and I am currently the photography curator at World-Eats.com. The last two years I have been a judge for the Swedish Food Blog awards and presented an Experts Are in Session at IACP Conference 2013 with Jamie Schler.

I had a one-man show in 2008 in Uppsala, Sweden; I was part of a group exhibition on food art in 2013 in Bologna, Italy.

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