Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015 & my Deconstructed Sushi – 13.01.2017

Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015

Perdeberg Winery on the gentle slopes of the Perdeberg in the Paarl Wine Appellation, draws its grape from a wide spread geographical area. Latterly the winery has moved into premiumisation and Albertus Louw, Cellarmaster and his team are using the best grapes from their vineyards in products like the Dry Land Collection and The Vineyard Collection.

Classic Dryland Perdeberg Bush Vine in Spring

The vineyards are bush vines which are dry land farmed, that is no supplementary irrigation is given. The result is less grapes per vine, smaller bunches and smaller berries which are rich in colour and flavour.  The Vineyard Collection Wines are made from specific vineyards, each with its unique character for its grape variety and terroir. For this reason, all wines in the range are of single cultivar. Wines are made in an elegant new world style and with subtle wood contact on the reds. White wines are unwooded.

Dylan Dowell Ellis, Perdeberg’s White Winemaker

The Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015 is made from 100% Grenache Blanc which has its origins in the Southern Rhone in France.

It looks like
I love the packaging for this wine, so elegant.  Packed in a Burgundy shape bottle under a cork closure.  In the glass a pale straw yellow with lime green flashes,

It smells like
Ripe sliced pear, white fleshed peach and pink grapefruit aromas.

It tastes like
The aromas express on the fresh deeply flavoured palate.  Brilliant mouthful of wine with a crisp, fruit laden ending in a lingering aftertaste.

My Deconstructed Sushi with Avocado & Salmon Trout

It’s good with
Serve very cold with summery dishes. When I had a cooking slot on the Expresso Breakfast Show I made what I called Deconstructed Sushi. It was sushi made easy for those of us, me included, who simply couldn’t tackle the whole rolling bit.  Click here for my recipe.

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