Ostrich Moussaka Stack – Jackie Cameron


Jackie Cameron’s Ostrich Moussaka Stack

Jackie Cameron’s Ostrich Moussaka Stack

Jackie stayed with her mother at the Brookdale Health Hydro last year and they gave her this recipe for a dish which she so enjoyed while staying there.  Click here for more info on Brookdale.

Serves 4

1 large onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
30 ml beef stock powder
350 g ostrich mince
2 medium tomatoes, roughly chopped
2,5 ml ground cinnamon
2,5 ml ground nutmeg
250 ml beef stock [extra]
60 ml fresh Italian parsley, chopped
60 ml fresh basil, chopped
2 medium size brinjals, sliced length-ways (discard two outside pieces)
2 small red peppers, quartered herb salt and black pepper

Combine onion, garlic and stock in a medium size saucepan and cook until soft.  Add mince, tomatoes and spices and stir until mince is browned.  Add extra stock and bring to the boil allow to simmer until liquid is absorbed.  Remove from the heat and stir in the fresh herbs. Rub brinjals and peppers with a little olive oil.  Place on a hot griddle pan until browned and softened.  When ready to eat, make the stack combining brinjal, peppers and cooked mince on a serving plate, drizzle with lemon herb yoghurt and top with fresh rocket leaves.

Lemon Herb Yoghurt Drizzle
250 ml plain low fat yoghurt
15 ml lemon zest, freshly grated
30 ml lemon juice
30 ml Italian parsley, finely chopped herb salt and black pepper
150 g fresh rocket leaves

Combine all ingredients.  Serve topped with fresh rocket leaves.

Brinjals are very low in fat and calories, but a good source of soluble fibre and B-vitamins. They will add low caloric value, but high nutritional value to any meal!

Michael’s wine recommendation – click here

Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir 2011

Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir 2011

Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron

Victor Strugo, well known restaurant commentator writes – Born into a family with a healthy food culture, Jackie Cameron knew upon graduating that a diploma is a beginning, not an end. Taking over as kitchen commander at Hartford House in the KZN Midlands at only 20, her style of fine dining instinctively tempered youthful exuberance with uncannily inherited wisdom, creating menus distinguished by thoughtful structure, textural sensitivity and clever pacing of delicacy and intensity across successive courses. Through the next a decade, her star has continued to rise, confidently shaping a young brigade to harmonise modern global trends with classical principles – thereby turning a bucolic location into a must-visit gourmet destination.

Now Jackie has left Hartford House and is about to open her own Cookery School, exciting times ahead. She as her own range of chef’s wear.

Visit Jackie’s website – click here



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