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Savage Wines Follow the Line Cinsaut 2019

Duncan Savage, is for me, one of the Cape’s most exciting young winemakers. Brave enough to go out on his own after years of experience within the Industry, 14 years at Cape Point Vineyards after graduating from Elsenburg the Wine and Vineyards Faculty of Stellenbosch University

Duncan Savage, Member Cape Winemaker’s Guild

Duncan says that you may not find this wine on your bottle store shelves or restaurant wine lists but would like you to know about it and look out for it. ‘We are currently sold out from the winery but wines should still be available from select retailers. It would be great that people see the packaging a fair bit. It’s my favourite label in the range and is the original of the white label series. Cool story if you don’t know, I got lost looking for the farm and the farmer got irritated with my calls. We hadn’t met before and he was a bit suspicious of this ‘Engelsman’ from Cape Town. On the 3rd phone call he told me in florid language to ‘follow the *** telephone line’. I took a photo of the pole and line, Anthony Lane did the drawing and the wine became ‘Follow the Line’. The farmer and I became the greatest of mates but he sadly passed away in a car accident a few years back. Bloody legend!

Cinsaut on the vine, large loosely packed bunches, formerly known as Hermitage

The wine is all about purity and finesse but we do strive to have it a bit more vinous than just simple red fruits.

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