Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018, so good with Hein van Tonder’s Crispy Harissa & Lemon Chicken with Potatoes…

Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018

Kumala is such a well-known South African branded wine has been exported for a number of years and not been available locally.  There was considerable excitement when the brand launched in South Africa in September. I wrote recently of the Reserve Pinotage. My today’s wine of the day is the Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018. Chenin Blanc is the largest planted wine grape in the South African winelands. The local vineyard is 6 times larger than that of its homeland, the Loire Valley in France. The grape is used to make anything from the finest dry wine to sweet wines, sparkling wines, sherry-style wines and fortified wines.

Juan Slabbert, Kumala Winemaker

The grapes for the Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018 come from the legendary Swartland, now firmly seated as one of the more fashionable wine appellations and the source of some truly great wines. Their grape growers ensure that they look after the vineyards carefully from pruning right up to the moment of harvest when the grapes become the responsibility of Juan Slabbert, the Kumala Winemaker, at the Winery in Somerset West. The best, ripest and most perfect grapes go into making the Kumala wines. The wines are classically made with fermentation taking place in stainless steel tanks. And no oak used in the process to preserve the brilliant fruit of the wine. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

Chenin Blanc Vines in the Swartland

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed under screw cap. The label is simple and elegant and as a focus point, the logo of a gecko. In the glass, the wine is gem bright and a golden buttery colour. The bouquet is aromatic, ripe summer melon, white flowers and wine poached pear. The flavours from entry are wrapped around a golden thread of acidity to the long aftertaste. The presence of desiccated pineapple, Granny Smith apple and poached guava in an almost oily creamy wine just make it such a perfect wine for food.

Hein van Tonder’s Crispy Harissa & Lemon Chicken

This is a good glass on its own at sundown. It is made for food. Hein van Tonder, brilliant cook and food photographer kindly allows me to dip into his website and choose dishes which would be ideal with one of my wines. For the Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018, Hein van Tonder’s Crispy Harissa and Lemon Chicken with Potatoes is perfect choice, the wine complementing the flavours in this lovely dish. Click here for his recipe.

Hein van Tonder, photo by Francois Pistorius

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