Jan Braai’s National Braai Day Steak with Red Wine Sauce, perfect partner to the newly released Delaire Graff Botmaskop 2018…

Jan Braai’s National Braai Day Steak with Red Wine Sauce

This fine piece of steak, prepared by Jan Braai, begs for a glass of fine red wine -The Delaire Graff Botmaskop 2018 answers the call.

What you need (serves 4)
1 kg fillet steak (or slightly bigger)
1 tot butter
½ onion (chopped as finely as you can)
1 clove garlic (chopped very finely)
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
½ tot flour
1½ cups red wine
½ cup beef stock
1½ tots sugar
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Jan Braai – National Braai Legend with Marlene van der Westhuizen & me

What to do
1. Light a relatively big fire using your favourite braai wood.
2. Remove the steak from its packaging. Cut it into four equally sized portions and then season them well with salt and pepper. Don’t be shy with the pepper.
3. Place a medium-sized flameproof pan or potjie over the fire. You want a pretty high heat but it must not be searing hot, so just use some of the burning logs under the potjie, not all of them.
4. Melt the butter and then fry the onions, garlic and thyme leaves for about 5 minutes until the onion is soft and starts to turn brown.
5. Add the flour and stir well, then immediately add the red wine, stock, sugar and vinegar. Mix well, bring to the boil and then boil over high heat to reduce the liquid by half. Stir often. Depending on the size of your pot and the heat of your fire, this should take 15 minutes, but it could be slightly longer or slightly shorter. While the liquid is reducing, it should thicken and become a rich sauce. Taste the sauce at this point and season with salt and pepper. Keep in mind that some beef stocks are already quite salty, so you might not need salt at all. When you’re happy with the texture of the sauce, remove from the fire.
6. While you’re waiting for the sauce to reduce in step 5, braai the steaks over very high heat for about 8–10 minutes. Braai them on all four or six sides. That’s right, when you slice a 1 kg fillet steak into 4 pieces the shape of the fillet steaks can have four or six sides.
7.Serve the steaks on warm plates and pour the red wine sauce over the steak.

Delaire Graff Botmaskop 2018

For winemaker Morné Vrey, the Botmaskop is the pinnacle of Bordeaux blending. “The wine is powerful, but elegant and polished at the same time,” he explains. “This is a beautiful red blend with classical aromas, soft tannins and balance in structure which completes the wine on the palate.”

An approachable, but serious Bordeaux blend with aromas of dark berry, fruit, spice and cassis, Delaire Graff’s Botmaskop wine is made with meticulously grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec grapes at the foot of Botmaskop Mountain.

Morné Vrey – Cape Wine Makers Guild Member and much awarded Delaire Graff Wine Maker

A cornerstone of the Delaire Graff wine portfolio, the Botmaskop has the heritage of the Estate ingrained within its DNA and carries on the legacy through its timeless style.

You can buy this fine wine direct from the Estate, pay for 5, get 6. CLICK HERE so to do.

Read more about Delaire Graff Wine Estate – CLICK HERE

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