Ina Paarman’s Chicken Liver Paté de Luxe is so good with De Wetshof Edeloes 2016…

Ina Paarman’s Chicken Liver Paté de Luxe

Ina Paarman, if she lived in Japan would be proclaimed as a Living National Treasure. For over 40 years, this amazing woman, is really the Queen of the South African Kitchen. In her eyrie up near Constantia Nek, wonderful new products and improvements on current products come streaming out of Ina and her team’s hands. Now some of her spices and shakes are Gluten free, ideal for people who have problems with gluten.

Ina Paarman in her garden

When I first met Ina, she was a lecturer at the Cape Town Tech. She did some cookery demonstrations for me at a Boschendal Wine & Food Fair in 1980.

Chicken Liver Paté is one of my favourites with which to start a meal or as a snack. And served with crispbread or a crusty baguette, and a glass of Noble Late Harvest Wine, it is a joy forever.

Do visit Ina’s Website. Click HERE for her recipe…

De Wetshof Edeloes 2016

This wine is made from Riesling and is a style which the Germans call trockenbeerenauslese. It is a wine in the same style as Chateau Yquem. What happens in the vineyard is important as the weather conditions need to be perfect. Preferably with a touch of humidity which allows the Noble Rot [Botrytis Cinerea] to develop on the grapes. This usually happens when the grapes are full ripe.

A deliciousness of Botrytis Cinerea covering a bunch of grapes

The botrytis covers the grapes in a fuzzy grey covering. It creates tiny holes in the skin through which moisture escapes turning the grapes almost into raisins. It also leaves its own magical flavours to the wine.

From a 500ml clear glass Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is elegant and in gold.  In the glass, the wine is a dark citrine in colour, gem bright. The aromas are of soft dried apricots, fynbos honey and jasmine tea leaves. The palate from entry has a golden thread of balancing acidity to counteract the sweetness. The palate is full rich and unctuous with a juice making crisp, clean aftertaste. An impressive glass. Excellent with desserts and sweet bakes.

The De Wetshof Vineyards

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