Hazendal Pinot Noir 2017, excellent partner to Dianne Bibby’s North African Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas & Apricots…

Hazendal Pinot Noir 2017

The first thing which captures you eye with the Hazendal Pinot Noir 2017, is the interesting bottle shape. But more is to come! Hazendal is a Wine Estate in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation situated on the Bottelary Hills. The Pinot Noir grapes were hand picked early in the morning before the Summer heat edges its way into the vineyards. Once in the cellar, they are cooled to 3°C for processing the following day. Bunch sorting takes place and then once destalked the berries are sorted to prevent any damaged or sun burned berries getting into the wine make process.

Hazendal Winemaker Clarise Sciocatti-Langeveldt & Executive Chef Michélle Pirie Theron

The berries then went to a tank to lie with the juice for week. Spontaneous fermentation takes place, then Clarise Sciocatti-Langeveldt, the Hazendal Winemaker and her team, inoculate with yeast. During fermentation, pump overs, where the juice is pumped from the bottom of the tank over the grape cap which floats on top. This ensures gentle extraction of colour and soft tannins. The wine is then drained off the skins which are gently pressed. Once cool settle in stainless steel tanks, the wine goes to second fill 500 litre French Oak Barrels for maturation.

Freshly harvested Pinot Noir Grapes

From the premium Hazendal bottle shape, closed with a natural cork. In the glass, the wine is a gently translucent plum at the heat which pales out to garnet at the edges. The aromas are all about red berry, cherry and plum fruit. The classic forest floor whiffs of Pinot Noir are in undertow. The palate has a lovely line of acidity running from entry to the satisfying long ending. The berry cherry aromas segue perfectly into the generous palate with its lovely long ending. A fine glass of wine now. It will age graciously for a couple of years of cool cellaring.

Dianne Bibby’s North African Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas & Apricots

The Hazendal Pinot Noir 2017 is a perfect food wine. Though delicate I colour and flavour, we must remember that this is the wine of Coq au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon, bold Burgundian dishes. Dianne Bibby’s North African Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas & Apricots is a lovely partner, one from North Africa, for a wine from the South. Click HERE for her recipe and to have a browse of her wonderful website.

Dianne Bibby’s Cook Book – you need one. Buy HERE

Another delicious wine from this Estate is the Hazendal Roussanne 2018 – an unusual variety here. Wonderful floral  and citrus aromas with a creamy palate of sun dried apricots, lemon curd, Parma Violet Candy, and oak with its concomitant spice and vanilla.

Hazendal Roussanne 2018

Read more about Hazendal Wine Estate – CLICK HERE


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