Going Home by Sophia Lindop, as much a journey of food as a journey of the heart…

Going Home by Sophia Lindop

Not easy to review a book written by a loved friend. Sophia Lindop was born and brought up in Douglas in the Northern Cape, went to school there and then trained in the hospitality industry in Bloemfontein. She came to the Cape and had extensive experience in the wine industry. She is married to Paddy, a Cape Town Dentist, himself a wine buff and fellow traveler.

Sophia Lindop

Sophia grew up in a home with a first-generation Lebanese father, Richard Joseph and a beautiful Afrikaans speaking mother, referred to in the book as ‘Mom.’ Her grandfather was a GP in the town. Sophia spent time cooking with her Lebanese grandmother and also with her South African grandmother. Food oozes from her pores. After writing five successful cookbooks, Sophia started delving into her Lebanese background. This resulted in a trip to Lebanon where she was able to visit the house in which her family lived before emigrating to South Africa.

Sophia Lindop’s Fassolia, from Going Home

This was a hugely emotional journey for Sophia. Going Home and finding her family roots and being able to immerse herself in the food of her ancestors. Arriving in Beirut, she goes through the Foreigners Passport Queue and is amused by the irony that in South Africa, she is not South African enough, and in Lebanon, she is not Lebanese enough.

Hein van Tonder

The food in the book is just fabulous. Sophia took with her the well-known Cape Town Food Photographer, Hein van Tonder, extraordinarily talented, and the images are brilliant. The food fair jumps out of the pages and you can almost smell it.

Sophia’s Cookery Classes

Sophia lives in Cape Town and offers Lebanese cookery classes in her home. She does come to Johannesburg occasionally, so do follow her on social media if you are interested.

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Sophia Lindop’s Lebanon Food Tours

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