Durbanville Hills Shiraz 2014 & Dianne Bibby’s Spicy Beef Stir Fry with Sweet Peppers & Mango – 07.02.2017

Durbanville Hills Shiraz 2014

There is magic in the Hills of Durbanville, a unique little wine appellation, a valley running up from the sea into the immediate interior.  My parents were wine farmers in Durbanville and many of the 9 wine farms which supply the Durbanville Hills Winery, I knew as a child as I rode up and down the valley on my old black thick wheeled bicycle.

The grapes for the Durbanville Hills Shiraz 2014 were harvested from low yielding vineyards which were planted between 1985 and 1990 in the deep red soils typical of the area.

Martin Moore & Wilhelm Coetzee braai at a Winery Function

The winery is set on a promontory overlooking Table Mountain, Table Bay and Robben Island. Founding Winemaker Martin Moore and Wilhelm Coetzee, the red wine maker receive the hand harvested grapes when the grapes are about to start shrivelling – a time when the tannins and the fruit are at perfect ripeness. After destemming and crushing, the grapes are cold soaked and the fermented in closed auto fermenters which extract colour flavour and soft tannins by regular automated pump overs.

Louisa Greeff, Chef at The Eatery at Durbanville Hills

The wine as left on the skins for a week after the fermentation period and before pressing, this has the effect of softening the wine.  Malolactic fermentation took place in the tank before the wine was taken to oak maturation in predominantly French Oak, using some new barrels, some previous fill barrels and some oak alternatives. They have used the oak judiciously so that it will support the fruit rather than dominate. The wine was then prepared for bottling.

Red wine in Summer – Yes absolutely! It is also great if you chill it for about 30 minutes or so before serving, it only adds to the enjoyment.

Shiraz grapes ripening on the vine

It looks like
Bottled under a cork closure in a Bordeaux shaped bottle with the elegant diamond shaped Durbanville Hills label. In the glass it is an opaque, deep, bloodplum red at the core which pales out to ruby garnet at the meniscus.

It smells like
Dark fruits, black cherries, Agen prune plums, a grind of white pepper and vanilla pods.

It tastes like
Full soft sweet berry and plum fruits, with plum pudding spice.  Medium of body with the tannins and the oak beautifully interwoven. Long refreshing aftertaste which wanes gently.

Dianne Bibby’s Spicy Beef Stir Fry with Sweet Peppers & Mango

It’s good with
As a glass after dinner it is perfect.  As a food partner, it is good with red meats, game and game birds, and indeed game fish like tuna or yellowtail.  It is at home with the traditional roast dinner, and is happy with a well-cooked midweek supper dish. Dianne Bibby’s Spicy beef stir fry with sweet peppers & mango is a great partner.  Click here for her recipe.

Dianne Bibby in her Kitchen

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