Durbanville Hills MCC Blanc de Blancs 2016, perfect for any time, celebration or not, great with oysters or cheese…

Durbanville Hills MCC Blanc de Blancs 2016

Martin Moore, the Founding Cellarmaster of Durbanville Hills Wines and Kobus Gerber, the Winery’s White Wine specialist, have produced a really fine Méthode Cap Classique wine here. Made from a single vineyard block of Chardonnay on the side of a hill facing the winery. Harvested early in the season, at dawn, while the grapes are still deliciously crisp and fresh. The berries ripened uniformly, one of the reasons for using this little vineyard.

Kobus Gerber, the Winery’s White Wine specialist

Once in the cellar, they were whole bunch pressed by Kobus and his team. After cool fermentation the wine was bottled, and the yeast applied for the second fermentation. The crown cork is then applied and the wine was matured for 3 years on the lees, Imagine the flavours gathered! The sediment of yeast was then removed, by the traditional method for this style of wine, remuage and disgorgement. The Champagne cork is then applied with the little wire muzzle to hold it in place. The pressure from within is similar to that of a double decker bus tyre!

Chardonnay in the hands of the harvester

From a tradition Champagne bottle, closed with natural cork and the wire muzzle. In the glass the wine is a pale straw colour with flashes of lime green. The aromas are of citrus, Granny Smith Apples, desiccated pineapple. These segue into the palate which is vibrant with the fine bubbles rushing helter-skelter to form a crown around the edges of the glass. Creamy and zesty, it’s a great glass.

Dalewood Winelands Brie

The Durbanville Hills MCC Blanc de Blancs 2016 is an all-occasion wine. Even because it’s Wednesday and you are having pancakes for supper. Oysters are the traditional accompaniment, though a Dalewood Fromage Winelands Brie with some crisp crackers and sourdough bread will be a happy partner.

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Durbanville Hills MCC Blanc de Blancs 2016 is available exclusively from their Cellar Door, a perfect reason to visit this exciting winery and dine at their award-winning Tangram Restaurant

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