De Wetshof Estate Thibault 2012, perfect Winter partner to Nina Timm’s Venison Pie…

De Wetshof Estate Thibault 2012

De Wetshof Wine Estate was one of the earliest estates to be registered in the Robertson Wine Appellation. Family owned and managed since 1949, the estate specializes in producing a range of fine Chardonnays. However, the wines made from other noble grape varieties are certainly some of the finest wines of their type in the country.

Koopmans de Wet House in Cape Town

The De Wetshof Estate Thibault 2012 is a Merlot, a hugely popular wine and most ordered by the glass in Restaurants and Wine Bars. Not wanting to damn it with faint praise it is such an easy glass to drink. The wine is named after Louis Michel Thibault, the French architect who worked in Cape Town in the late 18th and into the 19th century. He it was who designed the Koopmans de Wet House in Cape Town – and indeed many other buildings – which the De Wet Family has replicated on the Estate as a Cellar Door facility.

The De Wetshof Barrel Cellar

The wine is matured in French Oak Barrels made by the Radoux Cooperage. Some 18 months after harvest, the wines are blended and prepared for bottling.

Merlot Grapes ripening on the vine


From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is elegant as befits the wine. In the glass a rich bloodplum in colour which pales out to ruby at the edges. The aromas are of red berries and plums. On entry there is a beautiful line of acidity which runs through into the satisfying aftertaste. Rich and generous on the palate, nice and weighty and just so elegant. A truly impressive glass and to drink a wine that is 10 years old is a real treat.

Nina Timm’s Venison Pie


The De Wetshof Estate Thibault 2012 is a truly superb sipping wine. Though of course it is a perfect food partner, and will happily tackle anything from a well roasted duck to the most richly flavoured of venison casseroles. Nina Timm, who is My Easy Cooking, has a delicious venison pie with a ‘blanket’ on top. Click HERE for her recipe. Do have a look at her website it is full of gems.

Nina Timm of My Easy Cooking

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