De Grendel Méthode Cap Classique Brut 2015, so good with Dianne Bibby’s Charred Leek & Asparagus Risotto…

De Grendel Méthode Cap Classique Brut 2015

De Grendel Wine Estate is situated on the slopes of the Tygerberg Hills facing Cape Town, Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean with its cold Benguela Current which place an important part in the life cycle of a vintages sending cooling breezes up the hill to ameliorate Summer heat. These breezes cause slower ripening and greater flavour in the berries. 2015 is commonly regarded as the finest vintage of the century and also a year in which the worst drought in living memory had the Cape in its grasp. Crops were down with lighter bunches and smaller berries; the harvest was earlier and the grapes were packed with fruit flavours more complex and concentrated. Picked by hand and whole bunch pressed to create a more elegant wine, the clear settled juices 64% Chardonnay and the remainder Pinot Noir were cool fermented and allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation. After blending the base wine was then bottle and inoculated with a dash of sugar and yeast to undergo the second fermentation in the bottle. The tiny bubbles and extra flavours occur at this time and maturation takes place for 15 months. The De Grendel Méthode Cap Classique Brut 2015 is then degorged, closed with natural cork and a small wire muzzle. And beautifully labelled.

Newly planted Merlot & Sauvignon Blanc Vines on De Grendel

From a classical Champagne shaped bottle under natural cork and muzzled. The label and packaging is classic and elegant. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright straw with a mass of the tiniest bubbles rushing to the surface where they for a crown around the edges. The nose is tickly from the bubbles, green apples, sweet tropical limes and bergamot orange move onto the rich and full palate  which is creamy and generous. Lovely brioche, biscotti flavours in undertow. A long and slowly waning aftertaste does nothing but induce a feeling of well-being and begs you to take the next utterly delicious sip.

Dianne Bibby’s Charred Leek & Asparagus Risotto

An any time wine – don’t save it for special occasions. It is excellent with food, making excellent drinking now, having been aged for you in the De Grendel Cellar. All the typical oysters, smoked salmon, and caviar come to mind, though it loves a mid-week supper dishes when you just want a fine wine after a busy day. Dianne Bibby’s Charred Leek & Asparagus Risotto is a lovely supper dish to partner with the De Grendel Méthode Cap Classique Brut 2015. Click here for her recipe.

Dianne Bibby in her Johannesburg Kitchen

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