Cooking in Corona Lockdown Time, with well-known local & overseas chefs…

Cooking in Corona Lockdown Time

If joy can be found in the time of a Corona Lockdown, it is on the internet. Here we can Skype and Zoom and WhatsApp Call and keep in touch with our families and friends all over the world, or just down the street.

One of the fun things that has happened is that I am watching well known chefs, here and overseas, taking to the internet and cooking delicious simple homemade dishes for the home cook.

David Higgs
David Higgs, who I have known for almost 30 years, is busy on Instagram. His link is davidhiggschef. Very amusing to watch, as he wears some very funny gear. And his lovely bulldog is in the kitchen with him and part of the conversation. He does delicious, simple dishes which are not beyond the reach of the home cook, be they male or female. He posts daily and the nice thing is, as with the other below, you can watch at a time convenient to yourself.

David’s website is

Bertus Basson
Bertus is an award winning chef who lives with his family in Stellenbosch. He owns from fine dining restaurants through to simple and excellent Burger shop to a lovey Bistro Style restaurant called Spek en Bone, named for his pig and one of his dogs. His enchanting little boy Theodore is very much part of the Instagram [bertusbasson]. He posts daily and I learn so much from him. My best trick last night was him telling us that the K beater of your electric mixer is better to use than the dough hook as it stretches the gluten. Certainly, made a difference to my loaf this morning.

Bertus’s website is

Kerry Kilpin
Kerry is the Executive Chef on the Steenberg Estate and is in charge of both the BistroSixteen82 and Tryn Restaurants there. Kerry posts some delicious fish dishes using sustainable fish which she has delivered to her home by Abalobi []. You will find her on Facebook – Kerry Kilpin. She also does a daily fact filled posts on different ingredients, such as chia seeds, chocolate and edamame beans. Charmingly presented and you get plenty information. Well worth a watch and of course not tied to a particular time.

Kerry’s recipes can be found here –

Tom Aikens
Tom is one of my favourite British Chefs. I have eaten truly great food in his Chelsea Restaurant in London. His Instagrams [tomaikens] are made in his home kitchen. He has a charming way of presenting and sometimes gets a bit lost in what he is doing, and, in the silences,  you can almost hear what he is thinking. Excellent dishes all and even though he is one of Britain’s top chefs, manages to keep it simple and relatively easy for the home cook. Must admit to being slightly territorial about him, having eaten his food.

Go to Tom’s website –

Maggie Beer
One of Australia’s best known and loved cooks, cookbook authors, and has frequent appearances on MasterChef Australia. Maggie Beer starts her Instagram [Maggie_Beer] and Facebook Cookery Programmes today and I can’t wait. I have loved her books, her recipes. She is a successful food producer in the Barossa Valley. Maggie also a judge with Matt Moran on The Great Australian Bake Off.

Her website is well worth a viewing –

Herman Lensing
Herman, born in Upington, was just out of the cradle when he was appointed Food Editor for Sarie Magazine. I just love his quirky, yet always sensible, spectacular looking and eminently tasty dishes and bakes. He is a successful author and a regular TV presenter. His Instagram account [lensingherman] is a treat to watch. His use of the Afrikaans language is a joy to hear. Do Google him to see the fun up to which he has been. A truly lovely talented young man.

So, do enjoy these lovely people, Cooking in Corona Lockdown.


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