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Durbanville Hills Winery is in the Durbanville Wine Appellation, one of the smallest of the nation’s wine regions, and so close to Cape Town City Centre, it could well be called an Urban Winery, of which there are few. The Winery is on a promontory at the western end of Durbanville Hills overlooking Table Mountain, Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Known not only for its fine wines, but also for the excellent food served by Tamzyn Ehlers in The Tangram Restaurant.

Cape Portrait Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc 2021

The Grapes were sourced from the Cape Town Wine Appellation where cool maritime climatic conditions, breezes off the Benguela Current allow for the slow ripening of grapes and delicate fruity wines. Longer hours of sunlight as the sun sets in the West allow Kobus Gerber, Durbanvillle Hills’s White Wine Specialist to receive healthy, and aromatic grapes. Excellent elevation in the cellar and two months lying on its lees allows for great flavours. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

Kobus Gerber, the Winery’s White Wine Specialist

From a Burgundy shaped bottle and closed with a screw cap. The label is colourful and fun. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright pale hay colour. It has lime green flashes when held up to the light. Aromas are of Madeira Melon, white fleshed peaches, tropical and soft skin citrus and green figs. The palate, from entry, is rich and generous, the gravitas of the Chenin Blanc reigning in the Sauvignon. Brilliant lemony limey citrus, desiccated pineapple and mango round out the wine in a long and happy aftertaste with a little twist of fruit sweetness.

Sardines cooked in a ridged pan with olive oil and lemon


The Cape Portrait Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc 2021 is a perfect mid-morning refresher or as a sundown sipper. Excellent as a food partner, perhaps some grilled sardines cooked in a ridged pan….

Cape Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2020

This is a red blend that I grew to love over the years I consulted in Australia. They produce some cracking ones. Wilhelm Coetzee, the Red Wine Specialist at Durbanville Hills for his Cape Point Red has allowed the blend to be led by Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, blends in 24% of Merlot and a dash of Petit Verdot to bring an extra shine to the glass.

Wilhelm Coetzee, Red Wine Specialist

Once the grapes arrived in the Cellar, Wilhelm and his team vinified and matured the wine on French Oak Staves for a year after malolactic fermentation had taken place.

Martin Moore, Durbanville Hills Founding Cellarmaster

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle closed with a screw cap. The label echoes its white sister. The colour in the glass is a bloodplum red which pales our to ruby at the edges. The aromas are of berries, red and black and those you find in country lanes like brambles. There is an undertow of prunes, oak spice and a little grind of black pepper. All these segue onto the palate which is so accessible. Rich and generous, elegant with gently spiced fruit going into the gently waning aftertaste. An impressive glass of red.

Franz Sheurer’s Skirt Steak with Mustard Sauce

The Cape Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2020 is. Perfect sipper at sundown, perhaps while you are waiting for the braai coals to come to temperature. Perfect with a tranche of steak off the braai, served with a mustard sauce.

The Cape Portrait Wines are available in 750ml glass bottles and also in 2 litre Bag-in-Box.

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