Buckwheat Blinis – Justine Wall

DSC_0574Buckwheat Blinis – Justine Wall

Justine says: “The blinis are best made just before serving: the batter can be made beforehand, and brought to room temperature before cooking, but please fry them just before you need them.”

Buckwheat Blinis

Makes 15 little blinis


To serve
200g smoked salmon
Salmon roe, caviar or similar
150g sour cream
Fresh dill, if you have to hand
Parsley, chopped and lemon

For the blinis
100ml full fat milk
40g butter, melted
70g buckwheat flour
Pinch baking powder
50g self-raising gluten free flour
Pinch table salt (fine salt better than Maldon flakes)

Whisk all of the blini ingredients in a bowl.
Butter a non-stick frying pan, and bring up to a fairly high heat. Drop a tablespoon full of the mixture onto the hot pan: fry each side for 4 minutes on each side, and you’re done.

Wait until cool: and top with the other ingredients.

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Justine WallJustine Wall

I live on Salisbury Plain, England, in a very old, wonky thatched cottage that looks like it’s been iced with royal icing and topped with Shredded Wheat. I grew up in South Africa, but have lived in England for 18 years.

I run my design business, Hector and Haddock, from my studio at home where I design linocuts, screen prints, tea towels and greeting cards. A complete bibliophile and self confessed hoarder, all of my designs and work pay homage to vintage graphics and paper. I also use this extensive paper ephemera collection to create bespoke paper pictures for clients.

More than anything, I love to cook for people. I hope that you find these recipes helpful, inspiring and delicious, even if you don’t follow a gluten free diet. There’s more on the inspiration behind my blog in The Plain Kitchen

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