Winters Drift – well worth the detour

Glen Elgin, home to WintersDrift Wines

The beautiful Glen Elgin, home to Winters Drift Wines

Whenever the Guide Michelin talks about a special place which is a little out of the way which they want their readers to visit they say ‘it is well worth the detour’.

And so it is with Winters Drift.  Winters Drift Wines reflect perfectly the cool climate from which they originate. The sea, even though it cant be seen, has a major influence on these vineyards building up huge banks of swirling clouds and gentle breezes which cool the vineyards and ameliorate the summer heat.

Winters Drift Pinot Noir 2013

Winters Drift Pinot Noir 2013

The wines of Winters Drift, from the Sauvignon Blanc 2013, which is deliciously fruited, tropical with fynbos herbs in undertow and a lovely appealing minerality to the Chardonnay 2013, rich and round windfall citrus with perfect balancing acidity, to the Rose 2012, which is 100% summery Merlot, and the Shiraz 2012, an elegantly fruited cool climate style, to the Pinot Noir 2012, with its fresh berry fruits, and forest floor earthiness all hold such appeal. And of course to be best appreciated need to be drunk on the farm with delicious food from local sources. This way you become a fan for life.

To make a day trip to Winters Drift from Cape Town is a joy in itself, the scenery as one drives over Sir Lowry’s Pass is almost beyond compare.

Elgin Station

Elgin Station

When you arrive in Elgin, head down to the Station, the buildings of which have been converted into the Winters Drift Tasting Station and the local gem, the Platform 1 Eatery. Trains still pass through the station daily taking the grains from the Overberg to the breweries and flour mills in Cape Town and surrounds.

The Tasting Station

The Tasting Station

Enjoy a wine tasting before lunch, tasting your way through the range and then pop a case or two into the boot of your car.

Winters Drift Platform 1 Eatery

Winters Drift
Platform 1 Eatery

The Platform 1 Eatery will provide you with an excellent lunch.

Chocolate Cake with Strawberries at Platform 1 Wednesday is Cake & Tea Day

Chocolate Cake with Strawberries at Platform 1
Wednesday is Cake & Tea Day

If you happen to be around on a Wednesday which is the Cake and Tea Day, there will be some delicious baked goods on offer should you not be around at lunch time.

Foraging in the forest

Foraging in the forest

Winters Drift has some exciting Mushroom Forages planned for later in April and early may. Click here for more information.

Whenever you go – and do go, I urge you – you will come away with a feeling of being pampered, having tasted some sublime wines and had a good meal.

Winters Drift is a Winery Partner

Winters Drift
is a
Winery Partner

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