Today’s #sawinelockdown’s chosen wine is Bubbly, my choice is Boschendal Demi Sec nv…

Boschendal Demi Sec nv

Boschendal was one of the early pioneers in the making of the Champagne style wine which is now called Méthode Cap Classique. The style requires a second fermentation in the bottle in which you purchase it. A blend made up using the two major grapes of Champagne, Chardonnay [51%] and Pinot Noir ] 49%], the grapes coming from the Western Cape Wine Appellation. Great care takes place in the cellar, with whole bunch pressing and the free run juice only being used. The grapes were separately vinified and lay in the primary lees until the time for blending and bottling. During this process, a little shot of sugar and yeast is added to the wine, known as the ‘liqueur de tirage’ it starts the secondary fermentation in the bottle which creates the fine bubbles or ‘mousse’ if you speak Champagne. The wine lies for 12 months on the lees before being degorged and the cork and the little wire muzzle is applied.

Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

From a classical Champagne shaped bottle, closed with natural cork and a wire muzzle to keep the cork in place. The livery is classical, lush and elegant. In the glass, the wine is vibrant with the tiniest of bubbles rushing headlong to the surface and forming a little crown around the edges. Aromas of honey custard poured over an almond steamed pudding. The palate is full and generous with candied citrus peel and lemon curd. River stone minerality and a thread of acidity from entry all end up in a harmonious and long ending. The delicate sweetness is so alluring and offers assistance to anything on the menu from a fishy first course, right through to the dessert.

Dianne Bibby Shepherds Pie

I am always one for telling my readers not only to keep a wine like the Boschendal Demi Sec nv for a special occasion, but also to use it on a weeknight with a well-prepared supper dish when you want a little lift. It really is an any time wine, mid-morning, at sunset for gentle sipping and certainly when you have had a tough day out. Dianne Bibby’s Shepherd’s Pie is a perfect example of a good supper dish. Click here for her recipe.

Dianne Bibby, Johannesburg Food Creator, writer, photographer

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