The Table Bay’s Easter Egg Man – Bobby Kumar

Bobby-Kumar-1024x682Bhupender ‘Bobby’ Kumar doing a little quality control at the Hugh Tea Buffet

Easter time at The Table Bay Hotel is so much fun. The multitalented Bhupender

[Bobby] Kumar, trained in India, is a dab hand at confectionery and creating all manner of items celebrating special occasions.

Bobby & his Gingerbread HouseHere is the Gingerbread House he made at Christmas

At The Table Bay Hotel this Easter weekend there will be Bobby’s cakes, bakes and pastries on the High Tea Tables.

Here are some illustrations of his Easter Eggs for this year.

Easter Eggs 2016 (55)

A little blue for colour!

Easter Eggs 2016 (60)Bobby makes The Minions

Easter Eggs 2016 (84)Bobby with his Oscar Cake

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