The Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Elgin Riesling 2018, a ZA Confidential Podcast…

The Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Elgin Riesling 2018

I was so pleased to be able to present with Debi van Flymen, the Cape Wine Master, a superb Elgin Riesling made by Leon Coetzee and Margaux Nel Coetzee in Calitzdorp. Given a name of a rough translation of a experimental barrel in Japanese, they are keen on amusing labels and amusing names. However there is nothing amusing about this truly serious Riesling, one of the finest I have tasted this year.

Leon Coetzee & Margaux Nel Coetzee

John Fraser of ZA Confidential presented the podcast and we were joined by well known Branding Expert, Jeremy Sampson, Economist Chris Hart, and Malcolm McDonald, IT Director of Clientele, who kindly assists with the technical issue of the podcast.

Listen to the The Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Elgin Riesling 2918 podcast, click the arrow on the left

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