Tangled Tree Wines raise eco-awareness for Earth Day…

Tangled Tree Wines

The Tangled Tree wine bottle has a carbon footprint that is 60% less than standard glass equivalents. This fact will be highlighted this April – the month in which Earth Day takes place – when Tangled Tree reduces its impact on the environment even more by highlighting creative ways the bottles can be re-used.

The Four Retief Cousins of Van Loveren Wines

The eco-friendly wine range by Van Loveren was inspired by a pair of trees on the family farm near Robertson that became entwined to become a single, natural symbol of love and unity. In 1941, matriarch Jean Retief ordered a Rhus Lancea tree from the then Natal province. Her husband Hennie believed it was the same as the Karee trees that grew along the river. He planted a shoot next to hers and came to be proven right.

Having enjoyed these wines, you’ve already reduced your own carbon footprint and supported a sustainable planet.  Show your eco-love as symbolised by the trees, even more by giving your bottle of Tangled Tree a second chance at life.

The Van Loveren Homestead

In April, Tangled Tree highlights the “up-cycling” of bottles. While Tangled Tree PET bottles are free of the industrial chemical BPA and highly recyclable, they offer another great way to minimize waste which can be a fun way to relax and get creative. They’ve been re-used to make costume jewellery, trinket-holders, furniture and even vertical gardens.

Tangled Tree wines comprise Tropical Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp and fruity wine with aromas of tropical fruit;  Butterscotch Chardonnay, defined by expressive aromas of butterscotch and crème brûlée and balanced by the subtle intensity of the fruit; the delicately pink Moscato Rosé, which has a luscious nose of upfront muscat and rose petals; Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon, characterised by chocolate and mocha aromas, elegantly layered with notes of cassis and blackberries; and, Spicy Shiraz, which has a rich and powerful red-berry essence.

The Retiefs of Van Loveren

The same care that goes into making the wine, stands for its packaging. Less raw material and energy is used to manufacture, transport and eventually recycle each Tangled Tree bottle than glass and other material. Plus, Van Loveren employs multilayer technology to lock out oxygen that causes wine to deteriorate, meaning your wine stays fresher for longer. It can safely be stored for up to two years.

Tangled Tree wines are available from wine stores countrywide at the recommended retail price of R49.99 per bottle.

Visit the Van Loveren and Tangled Tree websites www.vanloveren.co.za and www.tangledtree.com, for information about the wines as well as the Retief family’s commitment to sustainable wine making.

Information from On the Marque PR & Communications


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