Steenberg 1682 Pinot Noir MCC 2015 & Ina Paarman’s Seafood Salad with Nectarines – 14.02.2017

Steenberg 1682 Pinot Noir MCC 2015

JD Pretorius, Steenberg Wine Estate’s Award winning wine maker, has produced a range of really exciting Méthode Cape Classique wines, and this one, the Steenberg 1682 Pinot Noir MCC 2015, is the perfect wine for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Made solely from Pinot Noir grapes harvested by hand off this, the oldest of the granted wine estate’s in the Constantia Wine Appellation, the wine has been made in the classical Champagne method with a second fermentation in the bottle. The grapes are picked early in the ideal ripeness window and are whole bunch pressed.  The juice is low in sugar and high in acidity making the base wine with a low alcohol which is then naturally raised during the second fermentation. Maturation on the yeast lees after the bottle fermentation for a minimum of 12 months allows the wine to be designed Méthode Cape Classique.

Pinot Noir arriving at the Cellar

It looks like
Classical Steenberg elegant livery. Bottled in a traditional Champagne bottle. In the glass the wine is a stunning gentle pink colour, the mousse of tiny bubbles rushing headlong to the surface.

It smells like
Fraise des bois, fresh baked almond brioche, raspberries.

It tastes like
On entry, the bubbles are very exciting and lead to flavours of red berries with crisp red apples. Lovely full acidity and mid palate and a zippy slowly waning aftertaste.

Ina Paarman’s Seafood Salad with Nectarines

It’s good with
I think the obvious choice would be smoked salmon or trout on thinly sliced and buttered brown bread with a squirt of lemon and a grind of black pepper. Ina Paarman’s Seafood Salad with Nectarines is just perfect with this wine for your Valentine. Click here for her recipe.

Ina Paarman

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