Pierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs, perfect Valentine’s Day match with Justine Wall’s Buckwheat Blinis – 10.02.2017

Pierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs

When you have been in the Cap Classique business for as long as the von Arnim Family of Haute Cabrière, they build each and every year on knowledge from previous years and the pleasure given by their wines just increases.

Takuan von Arnim doing sabrage

Takuan von Arnim, the Estate’s Cellarmaster is making a very exciting range of wines under the Haute Cabrière Label and Cap Classiques under the Pierre Jourdan label. This is a tradition with French Champagne Houses where the sparkling wines are named after the founder of the Estate.

Cap Classique runs in the veins of the von Arnims with Takuan’s father Achim having been one of the pioneers of this style of wine.

Chardonnay grapes ripening on the vine

A perfect wine for Valentine’s Day, the Pierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs nv is made solely from Chardonnay grown on the Haute Cabrière Estate. Pinot Noir is another grape in which the family specialises – also used for their Cap Classiques.

Takuan says, “I made a conscious decision to place only 40% of the base wine into small French barrels where it then matures for 4 months, yielding a lovely creamy richness. The wine is then back-blended before it undergoes the traditional second fermentation in the bottle. Here it will mature on the lees for an extensive period of time, which was 84 months and contributes to the structure of the wine and its beautiful fine mousse. I love the freshness of the Chardonnay with its crisp citrus characteristics and how it’s supported by the fine Argonne oak which we have chosen. It has a lovely fresh greenish hue even after all the time on the lees which has added an amazing creaminess to the fine mousse, so enjoy every sip!”

Westley Muller & Nic van Wyk, Restaurant Partners
at Haute Cabrière Restaurant

It looks like
Packed in the traditional Champagne shaped bottled with the usual elegant Pierre Jourdan livery.  In the glass a pale straw in colour with flashes of green with masses of the tiniest bubbles rushing to the surface to form a crown around the rim.

It smells like
Fresh citrus and the undertow of the Argonne Oak.

It tastes like
Crisp and bubbly on entry. Tropical limes and slices of Granny Smith Apples. Such a refreshing glass full – don’t wait for a special occasion.

Justine Wall’s Buckwheat Blinis

It’s good with
While it is perfection as a glass on its own – at any time of day, the wine is excellent with food which could be anything from the ubiquitous oysters, cold smoked salmon or trout, angelfish, fat poached prawns or chicken. Always a good meal at Haute Cabrière’s Restaurant where Westley Muller and Nic van Wyk will offer any number of dishes paired with the Estate’s wines – a perfect marriage between wine and food.

Justine Wall’s Buckwheat Blinis are just so delicious as a pre-dinner snack. Click here for her recipe.

Justine Wall does dessert – superbly

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