Perdeberg Classic Collection Chenin Blanc & Merlot – same deliciousness, dressed up to the nines in their new livery

Perdeberg Winery, home of the Classic Collection and ‘well worth a visit’ as the Michelin Guide would say

When I visited Perdeberg earlier in the winter to experience their amazing Winter Picnic Lunches, we were shown the designs for the new Classic Collection labels. Everything done at Perdeberg is always an upward move. They launched two fantastic ranges, the Dryland and the Vineyard Collections and several unique wines, such as the Endura, a single vineyard Chenin Blanc. Now the Classic Collection has had a fabulous makeover. Still the same even-handed pricing, always a bit better each year, with flavours true to the variety used. And available on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Perdeberg Classic Collection Chenin Blanc 2018

The Perdeberg Classic Collection Chenin Blanc 2018 is made from 20-year-old Chenin Blanc vines planted in Malmesbury Shale which deliver between 6 and 8 tons per hectare. This means small bunches from unirrigated bush vines and small berries which is a maximum flavour berry with a higher skin to juice ratio. Cellarmaster Albertus Louw knows his vines and the reaction they have to the moderate sunny days with breezes off the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean in the afternoons to ameliorate the warmth of the afternoon. This leads to slower ripening and the concomitant extra flavours this brings.

It looks like
Packed under screw cap in a Bordeaux shaped bottle. The label is new and exciting and just asks for you to reach out to it. In the glass, the wine is a gem bright pale golden straw which glints in the light.

A very old Chenin Blanc Bush Vine

It smells like
Granny Smith apple freshness. Tropical fruits and sliced kiwi fruit.

Albertus Louw, Perdeberg Cellarmaster

It tastes like
Rich palate of a mélange of tropical fruits, guava in the forefront. Touches of honey and white flowers like honeysuckle.

Tracy Foulkes’s Oriental Duck

It’s good with
Chenin Blanc is a wine for all purposes, perfect as a mid-morning refresher, at sundown and perfect with snacks, a meal and a perfect partner for Oriental food. Tracy Foulkes’s Oriental Duck is the perfect answer. Click here for her recipe.

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Perdeberg Classic Collection Merlot 2017

15-year-old vineyards planted in Malmesbury shales yield the grapes at the rate of 6 to 8 tons per hectare. Weather conditions much the same for the Chenin Blanc. The Cellar Master Albertus Louw give special attention to the elevation of the Merlot Grapes. 10% of the wine spent 8 months on oak barrels, giving it a fine brushing of oak spice.

A perfect bunch of Merlot, ripening on a vine

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a Bordeaux bottle. The label identical to the Merlot above. In the glass, the wine is a youthful purple plum in the centre which pales out to a purple ruby at the edges.

It smells like
All the classic Merlot whiffs, plums and dark berries. Undertow of oa and its concomitant spice.

It tastes like
A generosity of fruit in the mouth filling palate. Dark plums, blackberries, mulberries and roadside brambles in profusion, Good long satisfying aftertaste.

Tracy Foulkes’s Tomato and Lamb Bredie with a pastry topping

It’s good with
Merlot is usually to go-to wine if you are wanting to drink a red at any time of the day. It is of course a made-for-food wine and is very happy when slightly chilled. I can think of many local dishes which would be perfect partners, but few as perfect as Tracy Foulkes’s Tomato and Lamb Bredie. Merlot is built for that delicious reduced tomato braise and the spoon soft lamb. Add to it the surprise of a pie crust and you’re sure to have a weeknight winner. Click here for her recipe.

Tracy Foulkes, her Husband Paul Raphaely and their boys

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