Painted Wolf Roussanne 2018, a ZA Confidential Podcast…

Painted Wolf Roussanne 2018

Such a joy presenting this wine to the ZA Confidential Team of Tasters.

Jeremy Borg with his trophy haul at The Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2019

Jeremy and Emma Borg, make great wines and do an enormous amount of fundraising to conserve the African Wild Dog, also known as The Painted Wolf.

The African Wild Dog – one of Africa’s most endangered mammals

Joining us in the studio were well known economist Ian Cruickshanks, South Africa’s Brand Guru, Jeremy Sampson, Consultant Duane Newman, and IT superstar Malcolm MacDonald, who handles the technical side of these recordings for us.

There was also an animated discussion afterwards of government support (hardly any) for the SA wine industry and some reflections on the too-slow transformation of the industry.

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