Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018, made for Tony Jackman’s Coconut Chicken Curry…

Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018

The Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018 is a wine for you to use as celebration of Chenin Blanc Day on Saturday 20th June.  This wine is a true reflection of all 8 of the natural elements which are in evidence in this vineyard, high up in the Banghoek Valley, a cooler part of the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation.

Chenin Blanc looking good on the vine

The grapes for the Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018 were hand harvested the last vintage before the worst drought in living memory. Bunch and berry sorting was done prior to the grapes going to the cellar to be destemmed and crushed. The juice was taken to a mix of Egg-Shaped Concrete Tanks and previous fill barrels for fermentation. Then followed with 8 months of maturation in 300 litre French Oak Barrels, of these 17% were new barrels. The wine was then prepared for bottling.

Nic van Aarde, Oldenburg Winemaker, barrel tasting

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with a screw cap. The label is in beige with the 8 natural elements featured. In the glass, is an attractive pale honey, gem bright. The aromas are classic Chenin, layered with Golden Delicious Apples, desiccated pineapple slices, white tropical flowers. At entry to the palate, there is a line of citrus acidity running through the rich and generous mid-palate into the long aftertaste. The creamy textured wine has layers of soft dried apricots, ripe white fleshed peaches and sweet tropical limes. This is a particularly fine example of a wooded Chenin Blanc.

Tony Jackman’s Coconut Chicken Curry

The Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2018, is a serious wine, meant for sipping rather than quaffing. As an aperitif before a meal, it is ideal. Tony Jackman, a journalist, playwright, food writer and cookbook author, has a particularly good dishes to go with this wine. It is from his book foodSTUFF, Tony Jackman’s Coconut Chicken Curry. Click HERE for his recipe, printed in The Daily Maverick, which I offer with his kind permission. Tony and his  wife Di, are residents of Cradock in the Eastern Cape.

Tony Jackman, newsman, journalist, playwright, author & much more

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