Oldenburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, good with a piece of steak served with Alida Ryder’s Easy Creamy Pepper Sauce….

Oldenburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

There has to be something very comforting about Cabernet Sauvignon, something that ‘says’ the right things on the label even before you take it off the shelf to take the cork out. Cabernet Sauvignon came about as a natural vineyard crossing in the 1600s between Cabernet Franc, the well-known Bordeaux red wine grape, and the iconic Bordeaux White wine grape, Sauvignon Blanc. Now it is grown all over the words and makes great wine in all sorts of climates. Stellenbosch defends itself as the Cabernet Capital. The Oldenburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, is certainly up there with the best.

All hands on deck at harvesting time

The grapes for the Oldenburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 are hand harvested on the estate where bunch sorting starts out in the vineyard and berry sorting takes place in the cellar to ensure that only the very best of grapes go through to the elevation in the cellar. With a cold soak of three days and then regular, gentle, pump overs to extract colour and soft tannins during the fermentation process. The 19-month maturation in French oak barrels of which half were brand new.

Philip Costandius with a Top 12 Award for the SA Syrah Challenge – Oldenburg Shiraz 2014

Philip Costandius, the wine and vineyard GM at Oldenburg Vineyards is an old hand at making award winning wines. My wife and I were fortunate to have a tasting of some of his yet unreleased red recently, so interesting to see how the wines are progressing as a result of the age of the vines and also as Philip year on year refines his art to achieve as much fruit and flavour from the wines. While times are very exciting now for Oldenburg wines, I know that they are going to get even more so in the future.

Cabernet Sauvignon in the harvester’s hands

It looks like
Bottled under natural cork, appropriately in a Bordeaux shaped bottle with the classical black on silver Oldenburg livery. In the glass, the wine is the colour of those dark Italian preserved cherries in syrup. The colour pales out to ruby at the edges.

It smells like
Fynbos herbaceousness and fine almost almondy oak supporting the brambles, blackcurrant and elderberry fruits.

It tastes like
Quite a boy this King of wines. Beautifully muscled with great freshness and present tannins. Sensuous fruit just such a lovely almost meaty mid palate. Long aftertaste gently waning. Quite fabulous.

Alida Ryder’s Easy Creamy Pepper Sauce

It’s good with
As a glass on its own, it is just perfect for those quiet moments after a good dinner when you just want to be close to your love as you watch the fire dying down for the night. As a partner to food it shines. Must be meat of the red persuasion, preferably grilled roasted or braaied, so that you have those lovely caramelised edges which are such a partner to the Oldenburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. Alida Ryder’s Easy Creamy Pepper Sauce will add the best of flavours to you grilled, braaied or pan-fried piece of Rib Eye, Rump or Sirloin. Do click here for her recipe and have a good look at her website, it is a mine of food information.

Alida Ryder’s first cookbook – Cook from the heat, and she always does

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