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De Grendel MCC Brut 2017

De Grendel Wine Estate is on the South facing slopes of the Tygerberg Hills in the Durbanville Wine Appellation. The Estate faces straight on to Table Mountain and Table Bay past which the cold Benguela Current flows. This current plays an important part when breezes coming off it ameliorate the Summer heat in the vineyards.

Charles Hopkins, pouring a glass of his brilliant MCC

Charles Hopkins, the Founding Winemaker in the Estate’s Cellar has won so many medals, awards and trophies. This is a gem of a wine.

Sir De Villiers & Lady Graaff, Custodians of De Grendel

Owned and managed by The Graaff Family of whom Sir de Villiers Graaff, 4th Baronet Graaff of Cape Town is the current custodian. The Estate offers fine dining in its restaurant from which there are the most stunning views of Cape Town.

Sir De Villiers Graaff, 4th Baronet Graaff outside the De Grendel homestead built by his Grandfather, First Baronet ,Sir David Graff

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