Hanneli R 2013, a flagship wine from La Motte, Myrna Robins writes….

La Motte Hanneli R 2013
photo – Winemag.co.za

I am a huge fan of Myrna Robins, doyenne of food and wine writers in South Africa with a number of fine publications and a life of wine writing, Myrna is worth following on her website. Her regular newsletters are a joy. You’ll find her at www.myrnarobins.com.

I asked Myrna if I could use her write up on the wine, as she captured it so beautifully. My number is 2336.

Says Myrna “Number 2339 of 3550 arrived at my wine collection point nearly two months ago and I decided then and there it should be opened, reviewed – and then shared – on Mother’s Day. Named after La Motte’s owner Hanneli Rupert, this is a very special Shiraz-based blend, produced only when the component grapes are of exceptional quality.

Myrna Robins at one of her book signings

The grapes for 2013 Hanneli R from la Motte Private Cellar were sourced and harvested from three wine regions: Elim provided more than half the Syrah berries, Walker Bay yielded Grenache [Noir], which makes 30% of the blend and the home terroir provided Petite Sirah, just 10% (and occupying a miniscule 0.16% of vineyard area in South Africa).

It’s not that easy to obtain winemaking details as neither the back label nor the website yield much information. But we know that new French oak was used to age the wine for more than three years and the result is a hugely enjoyable – and approachable – red blend: The nose offers aromas of cherry and dark fruit, the palate presents a slightly sweeter fruit tone than one initially expects, allied to softer tannins. This adds up to a glassful that can be enjoyed by a wider circle of wine lovers than some aristocratic reds, (which call for consumers who appreciate austerity or those who are prepared to cellar their purchase for several years.)

Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg, admired South African Mezzo Soprano

It’s elegant, charming, a tad feminine and a wonderful companion to fine fare (especially meals involving good red meat) – all of which could well describe the hostess after which it is named.

Moderate alcohol levels of 13,5% add to the attraction, as does its minimalistic front label, in keeping with the stylish contents. It is priced at R1 300.”

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