Flagstone Tributary Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2016, good with Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie – 26.10.2017

Flagstone Tributary Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2016

Chenin Blanc was one of two wine grapes my father grew on his farm when I was a little boy. It is the grape we used to eat as kids, because there was no way my parents were going to buy table grapes from the greengrocers when we had a hundred hectares of grapes. So, I have also had more than a little fondness of the grape which sadly is often referred to as the workhorse of the industry. The grape is in fact like a finely tuned dressage horse making some brilliant wines from sweet fortified, sherry style wines, excellent bubbles.  The Flagstone Tributary Bush Vine Chenin Blanc 2016 is a beautiful expression of the versatility of the Chenin Blanc so expertly made by Gerhard Swart and his team at the Flagstone Winery in the old Dynamite Factory in Somerset West.

An old bush vine

The grapes come from a 45-year-old bush vine vineyard in the Perdeberg. Different properties of the Chenin come from picking at different times in the ideal ripeness window so that this carefully crafted wine is a bit like a river. It is born of many influences, many tributaries.

Gerhard Swart, Flagstone Winemaker

For me, this wine satisfies fans of Sauvignon Blanc’s grassy aromas and flavours, those who love the butter and citrus of Chardonnay.  The genetic link which Chenin Blanc has to Riesing underpins its ability as an age-worthy wine.

It looks like
Packed in a green Bordeaux shaped bottle under screw cap. In the glass, a gem bright pale gold with lime green flashes.

It smells like
White flowers, slices of Granny Smith apples, fresh sliced white fleshed peaches, undertow of fynbos honey and pear drops.

It tastes like
Zesty from entry through to the ending. There are wonderful generous tropical fruit flavours. Again, the white fleshed peaches and vanilla. Generous and weighty mouthfeel. Layered.

Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie

It’s good with
With its incredible balanced acidity, this is a wine built for food. And seeing that it is an ‘old fashioned’ variety from the Loire in France, Ina Paarman’s Old Fashioned Chicken Pie is a great match. CLICK HERE for her recipe.

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