Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé 2016, perfect with Lizet Hartley’s Smoked Salmon Paté – 14.01.2018

Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé 2016

Gerhard Swart, Flagstone Winemaker, has wonderful opportunities to respect South Africa’s 350-year-old winemaking heritage, and also to make fingerprints of each vintage. Producing fine wines which are food friendly, yet thought provoking. The Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé 2016, is such a wine.

Gerhard Swart, Flagstone Winemaker

As Bruce Jack, founding winemaker has it “Poetry is about pared-down words, making, forming, creating. It is art, the essence of language, meaning a fundamental creative act using language. Accomplished poetry is a distillation of language so that meaning shines through. Powerful poetry is utter, it pulls no punches and is not concerned with excuses. It celebrates the joy and highlights the natural sadness of our human condition, poetry eulogises the cycle of nature. Poetry is romantic, poignant and it shows the compulsion of our heart, the engine of our ambition and the spirit of desire.

We don’t expect our simple offerings to do all of this of course, but we hope our authentic work and insistence on integrity carries a message of hope and love long after the last delicious sip.”

Steenberg Ruby Rosé 2017Cinsaut on the vine, large loosely packed bunches

It looks like
Bottled under screw cap in a Bordeaux shaped bottle. The bottle is of clear glass and has a classical quirky Flagstone label.  In the glass, the wine gem bright, centre of a cherry blossom pink.

It smells like
Crushed spiced fresh roadside brambles and red cherries.

It tastes like
From entry, sappy palate filling berries, mulberries, black berries. Fresh soft ending, lots of fruit in a satisfying ending.

Lizet Hartley’s Smoked Salmon Paté

It’s good with
This is a perfect refresher mid-morning, at sundown and great with food. I always think pink when I think of Rosé, but there are a number of dishes which are great partners. Plump prawns done in a large pan over a braai fire with butter or ghee, garlic, lemon and parsley with the smoke adding its own flavours are one choice. Melkkos & Merlot often comes up with great recipes which are begging for wine partners. Lizet Hartley’s Smoked Salmon Paté is one of these. Click here for her recipe.

Lizet Hartley

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