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Uncanny Wines

As more and more producers are canning good wines, and the sales of said wines move slowly into the stratosphere, it is clear that for an outdoor nation such as ours, canned wine is becoming more and more popular. Canned wines are now also available in de-alcoholised versions which make them real fun for outdoor living. Easy to store, easy to chill, easily fit into the picnic basket, tumbled into a bucket full of ice at your braai and allowing you and your guests choice.

Uncanny’s De-Alcoholised Wines are available as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage. The two conventional wines are Chenin Blanc and Pinotage.

We have tasted and really enjoyed these wines, are excellent clean crisp clear and so delicious. Good for the person whose eating plan is temporarily not include alcohol, the designated driver, or simply someone who loves wine but for whatever reason does not want to drink alcohol.

The wines are perfect for Easter entertaining if you have family or guests around for meals. Move out of your comfort zone and land some.

My Butter Beans On Sourdough Snack, cooked this on the Expresso TV Breakfast Show

Check out my Butter Bean Snack, perfect with these wines as a midday light meal. Click HERE for my recipe.

The Uncanny Wines are Vegan Friendly and are certified for Integrity and Sustainability by The Wine & Spirit Board.

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