Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé 2016 & Ina Paarman’s Prawn Chowder – 18.04.2017

Durbanville Hills Merlot Dry Rosé 2016

Durbanville Hills is a collective of 9 vineyard owners in the cool vineyards in a little valley which runs up from the ocean bringing with it the chill breezes off the Benguela Current. The winery itself sits proud on a promontory looking over Table Mountain, Table Bay and Robben Island.

Climatic conditions here are ideal for grape growing, as the grapes ripen more slowly in a cooler region.  This, combined with excellent canopy management techniques by the farmers, builds both flavour and intensity in the final wine. In all its vineyards, the growing practices prescribed by IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) are followed. These are designed to sustain natural resources. In addition, the members protect 320 ha of endangered Renosterveld.

Cellar Master of Durbanville Hills Martin Moore

Founding Cellarmaster Martin Moore and his team have cutting edge technology at their disposal in the cellar. Sustainable practices include maintaining the disciplines imposed by International Environmental Standard ISO 140001 such as in the treatment of waste water back to irrigation quality.

Henk van Graan, the Vineyard Consultant selected grapes from vineyards on the low-lying, south-facing slopes. They were chosen for the exceptional structure and flavour the grapes impart to the wine.

Merlot grapes just before harvesting

The grapes for the Durbanville Hills Merlot Dry Rosé 2016 were harvested by hand and allowed four hours of skin contact where after the free-run juice was drained to the settling tank. Over a two-day period, the juice was allowed to settle until clear. After racking, fermentation took place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks over a two-week period, before the wine was prepared for bottling.

I have known this wine since its first vintage – it is the perfect dry Rosé for Summer and also to bring Summer into Winter.

Kobus Gerber, White Wine Maker at Durbanville Hills

It looks like
Packed in a clear glass Bordeaux shaped under screw cap. In the glass, watermelon and strawberry coloured.

It smells like
Floral like pink roses, red berries.

It tastes like
Fresh and crisp and dry from entry. Chunky watermelon, ripe strawberries and the wonderful soft acidity of raspberries.

Ina Paarman’s Corn Chowder

It’s good with
This is the perfect refresher glass at any time.  It is also a brilliant food wine, in all seasons. Ina Paarman’s Corn Chowder is a great partner, which you can serve as a first course or as a meal on its own with crisp fresh baked bread. Click here for her recipe.

Ina Paarman, Queen of the South African Kitchen

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