Durbanville Hills Collector’s Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017, serve with Dalewood Fromage 12 month matured Huguenot…

Durbanville Hillls Collector’s Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017

Clever idea the Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve. Using premium quality grapes from its 9 wine grape producers, the winery has created a range called The Collectors Reserve. Each wine has been named for a prominent landmark in the city. The Durbanville Hillls Collector’s Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017 is one of them. Cape Town artist Theo Vorster was commissioned to paint these landmarks. In a series of quirky paintings, he has achieved something special. The seafront promenade in Sea Point throngs with people on almost any day with walkers, bikers, adults and children taking both exercise and sea air.

Generous bunches of Pinotage, ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Durbanville Hillls Collector’s Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017 came from a single vineyard on the western side of the Valley. 17 years old, planted in a mix of yellow Clovelly and red Hutton soils, it faces the setting sun. And of course, takes the advantage of the cooling afternoon breezes off the Benguela current which runs up our west coast from the chilly south Atlantic. The grapes were picked ones the skins had softened, and the pips has turned a ripe brown. Handpicked into 500kg fruit bins, the grapes were taken to the cellar where they were handled with minimal interference by Wilhelm Coetzee, the Winery’s Red Wine Maker and his team. Destemmed and sorted the grapes were taken to tank for overnight settling. Between 10 to 15 percent of the juice was run off, in France they call this saignée [bleeding] which results in a higher skin to juice ratio, thus greater flavour. Fermentation took place using a preferred yeast strain with regular pump overs for maximum extraction of colour, aroma and flavour. Once pressed the wine was taken to French oak barrels in a combination of new and second fill tight grained medium toasted, for 14 months. It was then prepared for bottling.

Durbanville Hills Red winemaker Wilhelm Coetzee

From a Burgundy shaped bottled, closed with natural cork. The label with its design by Theo Vorster, is elegant and descriptive. IN the glass, the wine is an opaque blood plum red at the heart which pales out to a gem bright purple tinged ruby. The aromas are of fruit, steamed Christmas pudding and red berry fruits. The oak and its concomitant spices are in support of the fruit, as it is in the palate. From entry, there is a golden thread of fruit acidity, cashmere clad tannins and a wonderful intense essence of red fruit which fill the mid-palate and the whole integrated in perfect harmony in the long and gently waning aftertaste.

Dalewood Fromage 12 month matured Huguenot

Pinotage is a wine which you can match virtually with any foods, even those traditionally thought of as white wine foods. One must remember that it owes half its parenthood to Pinot Noir, a wine which in Burgundy is used to cook and drink with foods like Coq au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon. However, it has a spiciness to it which begs for some form of bredie or a fruity Cape Curry. It is a wine like the Durbanville Hillls Collector’s Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017 that will coax you to bring out at the end of a meal with a tranche of delicious cheese like the Dalewood Fromage Huguenot 12 month matured. Serve it with Watermelon, Citron or Green Fig Preserve, soft dried apricots, Portuguese Quince Marmelada and perhaps a homemade chutney. Crisp biscuits or a crunchy baguette are perfect partners.

Martin Moore, Durbanville Hills Founding Cellarmaster, loves cooking

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