Delaire Graff releases an exciting Cape Vintage Vertical Box next week…

Delaire Graff Cape Vintage Vertical Box

Delaire Graff is releasing a Cape Vintage Vertical Box next week in its Wine Lounge. With this box the Estate celebrates Morné Vrey’s love for his hometown, Calitzdorp South Africa’s Port Capital, as well as to showcase the wonderful age ability of these Port style wines.

Delaire Graff Winemaker Morné Vrey

The vertical will include Cape Vintage 2008, Cape Vintage 2009, Cape Vintage 2010, Cape Vintage 2011, Cape Vintage 2012 and the Cape Vintage 2013.

Upon doing research about the wines in the box it was discovered that all of the wines showed really well, and recently, the 2010 vintage was the top scorer at the 2020 Winemag 10-year-old report.

Delaire Graff Cape Vintage 2010

These are the accolades for the wines included in the Cape Vintage Vertical Box:

Cape Vintage Port 2013, Veritas 2015 – Gold
Cape Vintage Port 2011, Veritas – Double Gold
Cape Vintage Port 2012, Cappa – Gold and Runner up Trophy winner
Cape Vintage Port 2010, Winemag 10-Year-Old –Report 2020 – Winner
Cape Vintage Port 2009, Veritas – Double Gold
Cape Vintage Port 2008, Platter Guide 2011 – 4 ½ stars

There will only be 50 boxes released and is a one-time-only project for Delaire Graff. The boxes will only be sold through the Delaire Graff Wine Lounge @ R6250 per box.

Delaire Graff Wine Estate from the air, Botmaskop on the right

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