Dainty Bess Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique 2015, named for a rose, delicious with Christine Capendale’s Fish Tacos with Radish Kimchi…

Dainty Bess Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique 2015

Dainty Bess is the brainchild of Jane Ferreira-Eedes, who says of the Dainty Bess “Dainty Bess originally started in 2009 when my parents, Naas and Jenny Ferreira, made sparkling wine from a small vineyard planted at Klein Optenhorst, their unforgettably beautiful garden in Wellington.
After 29 years, they decided to sell the Klein Optenhorst to begin a new gardening venture in Montagu. I resolved to continue producing the wine as it holds many memories of special occasions at our family home, the name now changed to Dainty Bess, after one of my mother’s favourite roses.”

Pinot Noir Grapes arriving at the Cellar

The grapes for the Dainty Bess Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique 2015 come from Klein Optenhorst in Wellington. The half a hectare of vines planted in 1990 in decomposed granite with clay below, an excellent moisture retainer.  Close rows mean that the vineyard is farmed without machinery. The other component is from Shannon Vineyards from two vineyards, on planted in 2001 and the other in 2005. Both vineyards are picked in the early hours of the day and taken to the Graham Beck Cellar in Robertson.

The Dainty Bess Rose, a creamy pink 5 petaled rose with Burgundy stamens

There they were whole bunch pressed to produce the juice known as cuvée. This is fermented in stainless steel tanks and then left on the primary lees for 22 weeks and the wine is then prepared for bottling and the addition of the shot of yeast and sugar which creates the bubble in the bottle during a second fermentation. After the fermentation, the wine lies in the bottle on the secondary lees for 34 months before being disgorged, corked and the wire muzzle applied.

Jane Ferriera Eedes, Dainty Bess Producer


From a traditional Champagne bottled in clear glass with an elegant pink and blue label and pink foil around the neck. In the glass, it is Pinot Noir pink touched with gold with a mass of the tiniest bubbles rushing to form a crown around the upper edges of the glass. The aromas are those of red fruit, fraises des bois, cherries and rose scented Turkish Delight. The palate is full and rich and so alive with the bubbles, creamy shortbread bakes and ending in a perfect long dry aftertaste. A wine you don’t forget. It has the great advantage of being low in alcohol

Christine Capendale’s Fish Tacos with Radish Kimchi

Méthode Cap Classique is usually used for celebration. I always recommend that it be used any time, even with a weeknight supper when you need a little lift with a fine wine.  While Oysters, Caviar, Smoked Salmon are usually associated with a wine like this, Christine Capendale’s Fish Tacos with Radish Kimchi is perfect on a weeknight for supper with the Dainty Bess Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique 2015. Click here for her recipe.

Christine Capendale, creator of this recipe

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