Corder Family Vineyards Cool Climate Chardonnay 2014 – 26.08.2105

CORDER ELGIN VALLEY CHARDONNAY 2013Corder Family Vineyards Cool Climate Chardonnay 2014

Ian and Anette Corder have a mantra – more time on the vine = superior flavour in the wine. They are of course helped by where they farm. The Elgin Valley is known as the ultimate cool climate wine appellation.

Cool mist over Corder Family Vineyard Cool Climate Vineyards in ElginCool mist over Corder Family Vineyard Cool Climate Vineyards in Elgin

And I like the way they make their wines with care, with passion and with as little intervention as possible. The grapes for the newly released Corder Family Vineyards Cool Climate Chardonnay 2014 were harvested in the cool of the early morning and taken to the cellar. There the bunches were hand sorted and then chilled overnight. Chilling lowers the risk of oxidation during the elevation in the cellar. The bunches are then destalked, the grapes crushed and lightly pressed for skin contact for 2 and a half hours. The juice was taken to 225 litre French oak barrels where it underwent natural fermentation and partial malolactic fermentation. Matured on the lees for ten months for additional depth and breadth of flavour, the wine was minimally fined before bottling.

It looks like
Classical Corder packaging. Elegant and distinctive. In the glass, gem bright light golden straw with lime green flashes.

It smells like
Apples, as one might expect from an Elgin wine. Pink grapefruit oil. Gentle undertow of butter and vanilla.

It tastes like
Lovely concentration of citrus and ripe stone fruit perfectly balanced with the zippy acidity, the oak and the long crisp and gently waning aftertaste.

Sarah Grahams Arrabbiatta Seafood Soup_p53Sarah Graham’s Arrabbiata Seafood Soup

It’s good with
Chicken, it loves fish, seafood, pork and veal. It is a lovely partner with Sarah Graham’s Arrabbiata Seafood soup from her new book, home. Food from my kitchen. Click here for her recipe.

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