Cellaro Nero d’Avola Organico Vanità 2019, excellent partner to my Tomato Bredie…

Cellaro Nero d’Avola Organico Vanità 2019

The wine is a dry red from the island of Sicily. The winery, which is part of the Farnese Group is situated near Sambuca, in the Belice Valley. In 2016 Sambuca was officially acknowledged as the most beautiful small village in Italy. Sambuca, originally founded by ancient Greek colonists, rose to regional prominence as a trading hub after invading Arab Muslims took over around 830, just a few years after landing in Sicily. It was called Zabuth, in remembrance of the emir Zabut (“The Splendid One”) Al-Arab, who built a castle at that place, on the slopes of Mount Genuardo.

Harvesting Nero d’Avola

Once in the cellar, the Nero d’Avola grapes are gently pressed and fermentation with maceration at low temperatures follows for about 10-12 days. The fermenting juice is pumped over every 4 hours this aids extraction and softer tannins. Once this process is complete, the wine is racked to French and American Oak Barrels for 4 to 5 months.

The Organic Vineyards on Sicily

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is classical and well embellished. The fact that this is an organic wine is very clear. The wine is ‘is a deep ruby red colour with faint purple hues. Red cherries, blueberries, wild herbs, liquorice, dried rose petals, spices, dark chocolate and coffee on the nose. On the palate, medium body, elegance and concentration. Finely textured with ripe tannins and a fresh, mouth-watering finish.’ What more does one want.

My Tomato Bredie – picture by Mike Robinson

This is a perfect food wine. Would go down well with meat off the braai, and a lovely spicy boerewors or artisanal sausage. My Tomato Bredie would be a perfect partner. Click HERE for my recipe.

The Gabba Family

The wine is available from Vino, Stefano and Lorenzo Gabba own and manage this Italian family run wine business in Cape Town. They have an amazing range of truly great wines at evenhanded prices. Click HERE to visit their website and to buy wine.


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