Books for Cooks, Children & others for mid-Summer reading…

Perfect mid-Summer reading for my granddaughter

Trudi Franke’s enchanting little book of stories from the African bush are written in verse. One way of building a fabulous bond with a child is to read regularly. Don’t skip a word after they get to know it, you will get caught out.

Alex Latimer lives in Cape Town. He is both writer and illustrator and well known for his sense of humour and has many children’s books to his name. This is not your usual A is for Apple type of children’s offering. A total treat and fun to read to you children, or in my case my granddaughter.

Both published by Penguin Children

Bibby’s Kitchen by Dianne Bibby

I often write about Dianne Bibby, a Johannesburg food writer, sensational cook and food photographer. Often times you will see this book referred to in my wine recommendations which I match to her dishes. Beautiful, beautiful book, from a very special lady. We are lucky having food people like this in our midst.

Dianne Bibby & Jenny Crwys Williams at the launch of Dianne’s Book

Published by Human & Rousseau

Die VLV Kookboek

Don’t even ask, just go out and buy it. Perfect for mid-Summer reading and cooking. Here are all the recipes for dishes that your grandmother made for you when she came back from her monthly meetings. A treasure trove of a book and one you need on your kitchen shelf.  The recipes are all from VLV ladies around the country. The bread and baking section is a dream, you will learn the difference between an omelettes and a Frittata, make the perfect waterblommetjie bredie in season and and and. The puddings are just mouthwatering and there is a great section with sauces, preserves and pickles.

Milktart by Errieda du Toit

Published by Human & Rousseau

Foodies Top 100

I am a keen watcher on Social Media of Foodies of South Africa. Brief little videos on how to make an eclectic variety of dishes, drinks, bakes, desserts and many others. Where I think Chantal Botha, Julie Brown and Hayley have been so clever is that each recipe has a QR code which will take you straight to the video which you can watch on your mobile phone. The recipes have all been proven to have worked on the videos – they are easy and within reach of most cooks. Some traditional, some traditional with a twist, all sort of new ideas which you can put to use in your own kitchen with your own twist.

Published by Quivertree Publications

The one with all the recipes – the unofficial cookbook for the fans of Friends, Teresa Finney

Graham Norton the BBC presenter had a Friends Evening once where the different cast members of this long and still running show where interviewed. One forgets that the first Friends show ran some ten years after is was first broadcast in 1994. For the last 16 years it is on a TV set somewhere in the world and gathering new fans – kids who were not born at the time of the first showing. This is not an ‘official Friends’ book but it contains all the sorts of dishes that the cast members in their character selves would eat. It is a fun little book there are some really nice recipes in it. The photography is excellent and so is the variety. Well worth giving as a gift to a Friends fan – we all have them.

Friends – with milkshakes

Published by Ulysses Press and distributed in South African by Jonathan Ball Publishers

Spice Odyssey by Cariema Isaacs

I must say I thought I knew about spices. Until I started working on this book. Cariema Isaacs is the sort of lady, I would like to have living in a little cottage in the garden from whence I can invite her into the kitchen a couple of times a week to cook some of her fabulous dishes. She can do her mid-Summer reading in between. In her chapters named Cherish, Warmth, Feast, Preserve and Comfort amongst them, you will learn recipes Cariema learned at her grandmother’s side in the Bo Kaap many years ago. There is a brilliant glossary of terms at the end making it so easy for those not familiar with Cape Foods. The photography by Myburgh du Plessis is superb. It’s an utterly lovely book. I have it on my bedside table, where it has lain for a long time in between visits to the kitchen.

Cariema Isaacs

Published by Struik Lifestyle


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