Bonnievale Shiraz 2020

Down in the Easter end of the Robertson Wine Valley, there is a Wine Appellation called Bonnievale. Here at Bonnievale Winery, there is a delicious Shiraz worthy to be celebrated on this International Shiraz Day. Made by Eddie Mathambo, it is a fine expression of the region, its soils, climate and the people whose lives are totally dependent on the wine grape.

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The wine is the perfect partner to Annelien Pienaar’s Schnitzel in her recently launched book ‘MEAT – The Ultimate Guide’, also available in Afrikaans.

Annelien Pienaar’s Schnitzel

Serves 8

On weekends, or when there isn’t enough time to spend hours in the kitchen, schnitzel is my family’s fast food. The prepared schnitzels freeze well; then use as needed. The secret to the recipe is in the flour mixture. The schnitzels bake perfectly without losing their crust, and the meat stays juicy.

210 g (1½ cups) cake flour
60 g (2 Tbsp) cornflour (Maizena)
30 ml (2 Tbsp) braai salt (page 244)
4 extra-large eggs, lightly beaten
60 ml (4 Tbsp) milk
360 g (3 cups) dry white breadcrumbs
8 pork leg steaks, 10 mm thick
450 ml (1½ cups + 5 Tbsp) basic white sauce (page 240) in the flavour of your choice: cheese, pepper or mushroom
1 lemon, cut into wedges, for serving

Use 3 separate deep bowls for the different ingredients that will be used to coat the meat. Sift the cake flour, cornflour and braai salt together in one of the bowls. Whisk together the eggs and milk in the second bowl. Place the breadcrumbs in the third bowl.

Sprinkle the meat with braai salt (remember, the flour mixture is already salted).

Start by dipping the meat in the egg mixture. Then dip the meat in the flour and make sure the flour sticks to the meat. Set the meat aside for 10 minutes so that the flour mixture has time to adhere to the meat. Then dip the meat in the egg mixture again and cover with breadcrumbs. Press the breadcrumbs firmly on to the meat.

Place the schnitzels on a baking tray in the fridge for 1 hour to give the crumbs time to settle. The meat can now be cooked or frozen.

Follow one of two cooking methods:

Pan-fry the schnitzels for 4 minutes on both sides.

Spray a baking tray with non-stick cooking spray and place the schnitzels on the tray. Bake at 180 °C for 25 minutes, turning the schnitzels after 12 minutes.

Serve with cheese sauce and mash (page 68), and lemon wedges for squeezing over the meat.

Annelien Pienaar

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