Asara Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc 2014 & My Kitchen Cake – 30.03.2017

Asara Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc 2014

I must declare an interest here, I love sweet wines. They don’t have to be Noble Late Harvest, Fortifies sweeties or Natural Sweets, old Ports or lovely Spanish Sherries.

The grapes for the Asara Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc 2014 come from a single vineyard block planted in Tukulu soil on an east facing slope.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes desiccating on straw

In a style called Straw Wine, a single bunch of grapes is left on the vine to ripen and sweeten. It is then harvested and the grapes taken to the cellar where they are dried on mats or straw for 2 to 3 weeks.  They are turned occasionally which desiccated them, the sun side flavours being caramelised and the other side provides a beautiful counter balancing acidity. While the normal crop of the vineyard is 6 tons per hectare, the bunches left make up 1.1 ton per hectare.

Asara’s Barrel Cellar

Eventually the grapes were whole bunch pressed and the resultant juice was fermented in French Oak Barrels. Once the fermentation was over, the wine was taken from the lees to protect the delicious fruity freshness. The wine was then prepared for bottling as one of the Estate’s Speciality Range.

It looks like
Bottled in a 375ml Alsatian Flute with a distinctive gold on black label.  In the glass, it is gem bright pale golden amber.

It smells like
Soft dried apricots, fynbos honey and sweet tropical limes.

It tastes like
Poached pineapple, sweet apricots, honey, sweet smelling white flowers – honeysuckle and frangipani. Sappy juicy with the natural acidity in counterpoint to the fabulous fruit.

My Kitchen Cake – photograph by Sophia Lindop

It’s good with
This wine has many uses.  Works wonderfully well with a rich chicken or duck liver paté at the beginning of a meal. At the end of a meal with friandises. Or with my Kitchen Cake in the late afternoon.  Click here for my recipe.

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