Really Good quality varieties that are also Really Good for the community

Robertson Winery has established a long-standing reputation as a producer of Good wines both on your palate and your pocket and is now doing Good by dedicating their most loved and award-winning cultivars to become part of a special Really Good Wine range.

This gives South Africans an opportunity to savour Good wine that is also doing Good things for the local community, culminating in the recent launch of a brand new, much-needed, Really Good Library at Nkqubela Primary School in Robertson

Here’s to Really Good Wine enabling you to celebrate and be part of a remarkable culture of generosity as this ‘Big Heart’ in a ‘Small Town’ begins sharing all their Really Good Stories, starting with their biggest and most exciting to date, the Really Good Library.

The beautiful new building was formally handed over during a heart-warming and inspirational ceremony on Wednesday 31st March. The Robertson Winery team and their collaborative partners MAL, Breadline Africa and ThInk WiFi were graciously hosted by the school principal Mr. John Ngonyma, 28 teachers and 1088 learners who showed their appreciation through a delightful sequence of dances, songs and poetry. A very happy morning came to a colourful close with the unveiling of the Really Good Library’s striking designs and vibrant colours.

Ankia Niemann Headmaster, Mr. John Ngonyma, flanked
by Mpho Maroga and Ankia Niemann from Robertson Winery

These were specifically designed with vivid Illustrations highlighting the Robertson valley and what makes it such a special ecosystem, bursting with life and love. A plentiful valley of wine, horses and roses depicted as something children can be proud of and should protect; with interactive elements specially created for the learners to find hidden letters in the scenes. Standing tall within this blaze of colour are over 2000 compelling new books to provide inspiration for the next generation of imagination in the community.


The creation of this Really Good Library embraces a Really Good Partnership based on mutual respect, shared values, complementary skills and a common vision to put something of value back into society with integrity. No hand-outs, only a hand-up. This proud collaboration is an exciting new way for companies and their brands to sustainably make the world a little nicer, adding a bright new horizon of hope, belief and inspiration to the Nkqubela school and community in Robertson.

Robertson Winery revealed their belief, vision and big-hearted generosity, giving back to the community that powers the winery, by creating this Really Good Library and simultaneously launching their range of Really Good Wine – living proof of the impact of an authentic, purpose-driven retail brand.

Breadline Africa, an NGO based in Cape Town providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa including 135 libraries, lent their incredible support, educational expertise, passion and a generous donation of 2000-plus exquisite books.

MAL, the collaborative design hub of the not-for-profit MAL Foundation specialising in ideas4good for like-minded brands and businesses, once again ploughed back into a community with integrity, passion and extraordinary creativity and design, to create a more sustainable and equitable planet. To date MAL has enabled 18 beautiful libraries to be designed and built in under-resourced primary schools across SA.

Think WiFi added a whole new dimension to the Really Good Library giving access to new realms for minds to explore via free uncapped Wi-Fi, connecting communities and building smarter futures for all.

7Films beautifully captured the creation of this Really Good Library, helping to tell this inspiring story.


From now on Robertson Winery’s Really Good Story will be proudly communicated on the packaging of Robertson Winery’s range of Really Good Wine, their popular range of top-quality cultivar wines (750ml, 1L, 2L and 3L) that helped create the Really Good Library at Nkqubela Primary School. Look out for these wines now strikingly attired with vivid multi-coloured Really Good Wine neck-tags, inviting wine lovers to share the joys of giving and to make a difference. You can use the neck-tags as very attractive bookmarks and you can “visit” Robertson Winery’s Really Good Library at Nkqubela Primary School in Robertson when you scan the QR code on the tag.

Support a Really Good Library by enjoying Really Good Wine with award-winning taste. “Here’s to an even richer, deeper, taste experience where the Art of Living meets the Heart of Giving!”

Robertson Winery – home of Robertson Really Good Wine

Situated in the beautiful Robertson Wine Valley, 160km from Cape Town, the tasting room is open seven days a week.

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