Advent Calendar Day 4, Ken Forrester Sparklehorse Chenin Blanc MCC 2017…

Ken Forrester Sparklehorse Chenin Blanc MCC 2017

Ken Forrester is a great Champion of Chenin Blanc. He says of his Ken Forrester Sparklehorse Chenin Blanc MCC 2017, “I was always captivated by the intricacies of sparkling wine. One specific vineyard on the property offered the right conditions for full flavoured, early harvest and so with this fruit I decided to embark on a special project. Since deriving from the workhorse variety I wanted to have some fun and cheer the whole package up and the name “Sparklehorse” had instant appeal, that with the idea of a colourful fairground pony, a sparkling carousel horse – every child’s first pony!

Ken Forrester with a herd of Sparkle Horses at a Carousel. And so the concept was presented- a dreamy, colourful, sparkling horse, straight off a carousel. The label captures the spirit and fun of the fair, the horse is truly the embodiment of fun and all that sparkling wine represents! Intense green apples dominate the nose and the first sip is like biting into a crisp, bright, green cooking apple. Fresh mousse and soft finish make it a delicious wine.

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