Christmas Books for littlies…..

Books for Christmas for littlies

Having a three year old granddaughter, Isabella, who loves being read to at bedtime, I am more aware now of books for young people.

These three in the front are much adored. The one behind, Nibbles the Monster Hunt is perhaps better for an older child, though still is an enchanting story. The Cheetah who ran too fast is part of a fun series of short stories, Two Wild Dogs, The Toothless Lion, Rhino’s Field, The Pompous Elephant, Jackal’s nasty words, Giraffe who stuck his neck too far out and Hyena’s laugh are all charming.

Peppa Pig is a real heroine in our house and is watched frequently, which has given Isabella an enchanting Mid counties accent. So Peppa can do no wrong. Peppa goes Dancing is no Strictly Come Dancing but Mr Potato’s Super Fantastic Dance Competition. I enjoy watching Peppa Pig too. Brian Blessed plays the part of one of the fathers with his booming voice.

Roald Dahl must be one of the finest children’s writers of the 20th Century.  I just love the illustrations by Quentin Blake in his book Words. This is such a clever book with Quentin Blake’s cute little illustrations accompanied simply by a word. Such a good way to teach the child the names of things.

All of these Books for Christmas for littlies are perfect for Christmas Stocking Stuffers.

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