Advent Calendar Day 23, Zevenwacht Z Collection Reserve 2015 on Michael Olivier Talking Wine…

Zevenwacht Z Collection Reserve 2015

The lovely Zevenwacht Estate is situated in the most Southerly part of the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation overlooking False Bay from whence cometh the cooling breezes ameliorating the heat in the vineyards and allowing for slower ripening of the grapes. This means richer colour and flavour in the final wine.

Denise Johnson, Chatelaine of Zevenwacht

Zevenwacht Wine Estate is owned and managed by the Johnson Family with Denise Johnson as the Chatelaine of this fine estate with its beautiful architecturally pleasing Manor House.

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Zevenwacht Manor House


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Hagen Viljoen- Zevenwacht Winemaker

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