Advent Calendar Day 16, Stellenbosch Hills Anna Christina MCC 2019 on Michael Olivier Talking Wine…

Stellenbosch Hills Anna Christina MCC 2019

Stellenbosch Hills is situated on the main road just outside Stellenbosch, its Wine Appellation. Grapes are drawn from its producer wine grape producers with an emphasis on quality. Little parcels are made up of grapes which are unusual, like the Black Muscat de Hambourg. These grapes, out of interest, grow in a greenhouse, a Hampton Court Palace, where they are known as Black Hambro.

Stellenbosch Hills Winemaker, James Ochse

James Ochse, the Winemaker at Stellenbosch Hills also makes The Polkadraai Range and some very specific wines from special vineyards.

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Stellenbosch Hills Winery at Vlottenburg

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