Advent Calendar Day 19, Elgin Vintners Fynbos Lite Wines on Michael Olivier Talking Wine…

Elgin Vintners Fynbos Lite Wines

I think wine in cans is going to go stratospheric in 2021. There will always be the nay sayers, but the great wine drinking public like the cans for ease of transport, quick chilling because of the thin aluminium and the ability to change wines after a glass.

Marinda Kruger Claassen, much awarded Winemaker at Elgin Vintners

Marinda Kruger Claassen, the Winemaker at Elgin Vintners has taken the quality of these wines into the stratosphere and has reduced the alcohol levels before canning. The white is a four way blend with the Chardonnay component having been in French oak for a while. Ditto the red, Merlot and Shiraz, with a bit of oaking. A delicate touch in terms of wine making. Bravo!

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