Waverley Hills Pinot Grigio 2020, perfect with a fine tranche of SASSI friendly fish, from Alida Ryder, a shallow fried in butter in a pan with lemon and chopped fresh parsley…

Waverley Hills Pinot Grigio 2020

Waverley Hills Winery is situated near Wolseley in the Tulbagh Wine Appellation. The farm is Organically Certified, and the wine is vegan friendly. Waverley Hills also produces fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Estate has fine restaurant, so it is a good destination from Cape Town and close to the historic town of Tulbagh with its beautifully restored Cape Dutch Buildings.

Joe Wadsack, British Wine Expert

I remember some years ago, when Joe Wadsack, the well-known British Wine Writer and judge, television star, was on a visit to Cape Town, and he said to me “Pinot Grigio, it’s the new Chardonnay.” This at a time when Sauvignon Blanc was jostling for first place. Sadly there is not a lot of it around. Move out of your comfort zone and try this utterly delicious wine.

Pinot Grigio in a rose coloured coat

Pinot Grigio, or Pinot Gris, as the French have it, the Germans call is Grauburgunder, is a grape of the Vitis Vinifera species. When ripe the skin is a rosé grey colour. Sometimes dark sometimes light in colour. Made virtually all over the wine world, styles vary from dry through to sweet.

On Waverley Hills, the vine grow in shale and decomposed rock soils and are given just sufficient drip irrigation to allow the vines to produce a modest 5 plus tons per hectare.

Pinot Grigio wearing a darker coat

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle in clear glass and closed with a gold-coloured screw cap. The label is simple elegant, delicate and, for me, made me want to get into the bottle quickly. In the glass, the wine is a very pale straw in colour. The aromas are of ripe white guavas, with a flinty undertow. On entry, the wine has a lovely line of sweet tropical limes which goes through to the satisfying aftertaste. The palate is crisp and fresh, with crunchy star fruit and kiwi. Silky soft, is has a pleasant mineral undertow in the ending.

Alida Ryder’s Pan-fried fish with lemon-cream sauce & capers – recipe

The Waverley Hills Pinot Grigio 2020 well chilled is a very happy glass to drink. Redolent of Summer, holidays, good food and times with great friends. Few things would go better and a fine tranche of SASSI friendly fish like Hake, shallow fried in butter in a pan with lemon and chopped fresh parsley and served with a delicious pilaff of white rice. Or Beer Batter fried with Tartare Sauce and some rustly pommes frites….

Waverley Hills Aerial View

Read more about Waverley Hills Wine Estate and its offerings – CLICK HERE

Do buy their wines online, the wine farms really need your support in the times of COVID19.


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