Two delicious Imvula Sparklers from Siyabonga Mvula…

Siyabonga Mvula, the man behind the wine

Always fun when new sparklers appear on the market, especially these two from Imvula Wines.  Imvula Wines is owned by Chwepheshe and Thandolwethu (Pty) Ltd , a 100% black owned company located at Ogade Location in Bergville, KwaZulu Natal.

With an interest in wine that only grew from many discussions with a “wine guru” friend, Siyabonga Mvula became exposed to the diverse varietals of wine available.

This led him to explore the industry and eventually he attended the Small-Scale Wine Making course at the University of Stellenbosch to prepare himself for his new mission. Later that year, the 33-year-old resigned from his cushy job with the Gauteng Treasury, where he was working as an Assistant Director, to pursue his new passion. It all paid off. In June this year he held his first sale of Imvula Wines at a Lifestyle Market  and it was a great success.

Siyabonga at a public wine tasting

As his knowledge and understanding grows, Siyabonga hopes that one day he’ll leave behind a legacy for his children.

Focused specifically on the African market and also let the brand to grow even international, Siyabonga plans to position his wine as the beverage of choice for all at social gatherings from book clubs to weekend Shisa Nyamas. Siyabonga’s goal is to communicate and educate his community about wine in combination with a philanthropic approach.

This approach entails the following: with every bottle of wine sold, an allocated amount of the profits will go back to fund community projects such as providing schools with better resources and learning materials. The long-term vision is to open a wine-tasting centre that would result in more jobs for the community.

Imvula Sparkling Wine Brut NV, 100% Sauvignon Blanc

From a Champagne shaped bottle, closed with natural cork and a little wire muzzle. Elegant simple label. In the glass. a sprightly pale golden straw in colour, alive with bubbles. Classical Sauvignon Blanc aromas and palate. Whiffs of scrunched up fynbos herbs and refreshing sweet tropical limes are repeated on the palate which is soft, and deliciously dry.

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The Imvula Sparkling Wine Brut is perfect as a mid-morning refresher or as an aperitif where it will match the first course of the meal. Good with crisp salads containing slices of smoked chicken or Angelfish Paté.

Imvula Sparkling Wine NV, gently sweet

The Imvula Sparkling Wine NV Gently Sweet NV is made up of 80% Red Muscadel and 20% Colombar and closed with natural cork and a little wire muzzle. So, in the glass, it is an enchanting coral pink in colour as a result of using the Red Muscadel grape. The aromas are of the delicious Red Muscat Grape and very inviting. The lovely traditional Muscat flavours and aromas are enhance by the fine stream of bubbles continuously rising to the surface and forming a little crown round the edges.

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The Imvula Sparkling Wine NV, gently sweet is perfect for those who don’t like dry dry. While it is eminently drinkable on its own, it goes well with food. My gin cured salmon would be a perfect accompaniment.

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