The Table Bay’s Sexy Socks gifts for guests benefit children in need…

Sexy Socks gifts for guests benefit children in need

My favourite place when I am in Cape Town is The Table Bay Hotel. Easy and safe parking, fabulous offerings in The Lounge, The Camissa Brasserie and The Union Bar, and a feeling that if anything went wrong that you would be there and warm and safe and well fed.

At The Table Bay, gifts for guests translate into warm feet for children in need in Cape Town. The hotel has worked with Cape Town based company, Sexy Socks, to create socks as gifts for its guests. For every pair of socks purchased by The Table Bay, Sexy Socks will give a pair of new school socks to a child in a local township school.

Established in 2014, Sexy Socks’ mission is to warm the toes of South Africa’s poorest children on cold winter’s mornings, while ensuring that its customers’ ankles are the envy of the office. Its socks, designed and made in Cape Town, feature outrageous and colourful designs. Sexy Socks are made from bamboo which aside from preventing feet from being smelly are guaranteed to keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter. They are stretchy, well fitting, and they tend to go back to their original size, wear after wear. They are also eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe.

The Sexy Socks Team,Akwanja Chimphepo, Warren Handley, Dave Hutchison, Melisa Hanekom (Franco) & Cameron Froud

“The Table Bay takes a special interest in Cape Town’s community life and tries to support projects that are focused uplifting women and children. At the same time, we are proudly local and endeavour to support local businesses by sourcing products and services from our community. Sexy Socks ticks the boxes for us. We are able to give our guests a unique and innovative gift, while giving back to children in need and supporting a local business,” says Sarah Prins, PR Manager at The Table Bay.

The Lounge at The Table Bay

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